Brooke Ryan
  • Loves The Lord
  • Loves Music & Singing
  • Loves Her Family
  • Loves Horses

Meet Brooke Ryan

     Brooke Ryan is Christian artist, who loves the Lord and lives in Central Florida.  She is a wife to her husband,  and mother of threeMusic has always been a very important to her.  When she was in elementary school, she taught herself to play flute and four more woodwind instruments to the list. She was active in band until college.  It was not until she was well into college, after re-dedicating her life to the Lord that she began to sing publicly.  After graduation, she slowly felt the nudge to begin writing music. Considering that she did not have any formal training, this was a daunting task. That did not slow her down though. She began writing scores for the piano and multiple instruments she does not play.  Overcoming her lack of education and creating the music was something she gives all credit to the Lord for.  


On January 12, 2010, Brooke and family were touched while watching coverage of the earthquake in Haiti, which devastated large portions of the nation’s capital, Part-au-Prince.  By April of that year, they were able to go to Haiti with an aid organization in order to participate in mission work.  Convinced by what they saw there, they knew that they would need to go back. So they made sure to develop solid relationships with interpreters they were working with.  

One of these special men, [Marc], continued this relationship and dialogue with them. They were so impressed with his desire to help his people that after a lot of discussion, they decided together to start an orphanage. Just over 3 years ago, that dream came true for them and the 13 children they currently care forWork is continually being done so they hope their goal of taking in even more children will be met soon 


Through their work with the orphanage, they have been able to develop long term relationships with their Haitian family and make a truly significant impact on these children. Who are well loved, educated in Christian school, and thriving.  Among their many goals, one of the long term ones are to provide a permanent location for the orphanage with room to grow for more children.   

Listen to a clip of Brooke’s New Single: If only you could live
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